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Slower to boot in but lasts longer than Xanax, Ativan, etc. Also, much less expected to be addictive - higher efficacy over extended use makes it a better answer than most for long-term use.

It assisted serene my disquiet inside 1 hour the first time i took it. the only contradictory part was you construct a tolorence over time and the dose should be monitored

Reason for using: Peripheral Neuropathy from Flagyl.Side Effects: Short-term recollection decrease over a period of time, dry mouth, difficulties taking other pharmaceuticals with Klonopin as numerous don't blend well with it.I've been on Klonopin for 21 years for Peripheral Neuropathy, and I can honestly state that I wouldn't have liked to reside without it, as I had awful base and toe cheek agony and base and calf cramping due to a brutal answer to a pharmaceutical called Metronidazole (Flagyl) back in 1986. My side effects have been negligible, i.e., short-term recollection decrease, dry mouth and, of course, feeling very tense if I don't take my half tablet on time (I take 1/2 a .5 mg. tablet 2-3 times daily). I've read some of the other accounts on the board and realise that departure is certain thing not to be yearned, but my medical practitioner notified me I'd have to be on Klonopin lifetime, as my neuropathy became irreversible, so for me this is not a factor. The astonishing thing is that I've been taking 1/2 to 3/4 mg. every day now for 21 years, and have not had to boost it over 1 mg. which is the most I've ever had to take on a very awful day, ie., I've not constructed up a tolerance. The only grave difficulty with the pharmaceutical is that it (for m

I had endured with critical fright, and disquiet disorder for years. After endeavouring every medication out there, encompassing effexor, I sensed that there was no hope. I eventually discovered a Dr. that really heard to my symptoms and he put me on klonopin. I can now function correctly through out my day. I not ever considered that I would seem the way I did before my disorder started. I so thankful that there is wish, and that I don't have to bear through the days any longer.

Reason for using: Panic Attacks.Side Effects: None at the start, subsequent sinew and joint agony, drowsy,short period recollection problemsThis pharmaceutical was large at first. But was not notified how hard it is to get off. Started having side effects after some years of taking this drug. Would highly propose any person NOT TO START THIS DRUG. Only with Gods help will I ever disembark of it. I have had iced shoulder and tendentious very painful! Headaches and High Blood Pressure. I am tapering off and taking herbals to help me disembark this drug.